Ghana: John Dumelo gives reasons why the president’s term of office should be 5 years

Former NDC parliamentary aspirant for Ayawaso West Wuogon and actor, John Dumelo has suggested that in order for a government to work and function effectively in his tenure of office, an additional one year should be added to the constitutional four years term in Ghana.

According to him in a tweet, the four years term given to every president isn’t enough to complete all their promises and as well solve most of the country’s shortcomings and issues.

Mr Dumelo stated that the four years term is woefully inadequate for any visionary government to function effectively.

He claims that five years term should be considered for every president who comes into power to enable them to handle the country’s issue properly.

The actor wrote on Twitter: “4 years is not enough for ANY President/ Gov to function effectively. The first year is used to settle down in the office and the last year for the campaign, leaving only 2 years for effective work. We should consider 5 years per term.”

He gave a breakdown that the first year in office for every president is used to settle down, the last for the campaign and only two years for an effective job.

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It looks like the politician’s love for his country will never grow cold as he keeps on raising concerns over alarming issues in the country.

Earlier, reported that the actor pushed for immediate action on the GIMPA road robbery issue and street lights.

Since that pathway forms part of the constituency he aspired for and couldn’t’ win the parliamentary election, his heart still yearns to fulfil the promise he made to them.

The actor has from the time he lost the election helped and support that particular constituency and a lot of Ghanaians in any way he can as a patriotic citizen.

He has suggested that looking at the weight of the country’s issues, stakeholders should do something about the four years term and add a one making five years for effective work.