National Executive

The Nananom National Executive Committee today presented a cheque of GHC 100,000 to the Headmaster towards the renovation of the Red Block.

This is in fulfillment of a pledge the Executive made on behalf of Nananom to renovate and refurbish the Red Block to facilitate the teaching and learning of science at Ghana National College.

This donation brings to GHC 300,000 the sum given to the College so far for the renovation and refurbishment of the Red Block.

The total estimated budget for the project is One Million One Hundred and Ninety-Seven Thousand Five Hundred and Eighteen Cedis, Seventy-Six Pesewas (GHC 1,197,518.76).

The renovation and refurbishment work entail:

  • Re-roofing and change of ceiling
  • Rewiring works and complete electrical installations
  • Replacement of floor tiles with polished terrazzo
  • Painting
  • Refurbishment of laboratory benches and provision of 500 laboratory stools
  • Replacement of gas systems
  • Burglar proofing to the laboratories
  • Provision of projectors and monitors
  • Provision of 16 air conditioners
  • Provision of computer desks and 10 additional computers.
  • Receiving the donation, the Headmaster thanked the National Executive and Nananom for the kind gesture and pledged that the renovation and refurbishment works will be undertaken to the satisfaction of Nananom.

This project will be undertaken at no cost to Nananom and will be executed in phases to ensure that the use of the laboratories for practical science purposes at the College is not disrupted.

Meanwhile, the Committee that is advising the National Executive on the renovation and refurbishment of the Red Block held its first meeting at the College last week.

By Nana Oforiwaa Kwao-Adotey
(National Secretary)

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