Ghanaian artists must also be supported by Nigerians – Guru

Over the years, there has been this one debate concerning how Nigerians have been unsupportive of Ghanaian music, despite Ghanaians’ dedication and support towards theirs.

There have been Nigerian musicians who have achieved success in their music career in Ghana as a result of the assistance they have received from the Ghanaian entertainment industry.

Nigerians, on the other hand, do not appear to support Ghanaian music in their country.

For instance, records show, Nigerian DJs rarely play Ghanaian music. Both countries’ attitudes regarding music are uneven.

It is against this backdrop that Maradona Yeboah Adjei, better known as Guru, lamented in an interview with TV3’s Showbiz 360 monitored by about how Ghanaian acts and music do not receive equal support from Nigerians, despite Ghanaians’ support for the Nigerian music business.

“The rate at which Ghanaians promote Nigerian artistes should be the same energy vice versa. We believe in patriotism. It is about time we look at the bigger picture,” he said.

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The Lapaz Toyota hitmaker went ahead to say that, “It would be fantastic if we could all be on a broader picture,” he added. Despite the fact that we produce high-quality videos, Nigerians do not promote them in the same way that we do here.”

Ghana and Nigeria have had a long and fruitful connection in the area of trade and business, lifestyle, education, and so forth.

Because both countries have collaborated on numerous projects, actors in the entertainment industry in both countries should work to build a symbiotic relationship in order to promote their respective songs on an equal footing.

Guru has organized a ten-day street festival in order to reconnect with his fans. The free music festival will celebrate his ten years of making music and interacting with his fans.

“It’s been ten years of ripping off the fans.” “It’s past time for us to repay them,” he said.