Ghanaian film producers are stingy – Martha Ankomah [Watch]

In comparison to Ghanaian producers, Nigerian producers pay Ghanaian actors better, according to the ace actress Martha Ankomah.

Nigerian directors, on the other hand, pay generously when you work for them, according to Martha Ankomah. The multiple-award-winning actress explains why many famous Ghanaian actors and actresses prefer to act in Nigerian films rather than Ghanaian films.

On Okay FM on Tuesday, Martha Ankomah made this assertion while discussing the absence of Nigerian film producers from Ghana’s film business and its impact on the industry.

“Ghanaian film producers are stingy. They make a lot of profit and refuse to treat actors well”, she fumed.

“However, Nigerian film producers pay well because they believe they will make a profit from the movie. When they offer us roles, they pay us better, and it wasn’t bad. People work because of profit, and when there’s profit, it motivates you to work well,” she added.

According to Martha Ankomah, the treatment Ghanaian artists receive from Nigerian filmmakers cannot compare to that of Ghanaian filmmakers since Nigerians understand the business and are not stingy.

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She mentioned joblessness (unemployment) as one of the consequences of the Ghanaian film industry’s lack of Nigerian filmmakers.

“The treatment Nigerian film producers give us affects Ghanaian producers because they felt Nigerians over-pay us. They have themselves to blame because if they paid us better, it would help the industry” she said.

She finished by saying, “The Nigerian producers who were driven out of the country were not producing more movies than Ghanaians. That created unemployment as well.”