Ghanaian Twins gain top places at Ivy League schools in UK after scoring 6As in A-level exams

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Twin Ghanaian brothers who scored 6As and one A in A-level exams at Mossbourne Community Academy in the UK have been admitted into Ivy League schools in the UK according to a report by BBC.

The twins namely Emmanuel and Ebenezer Boakye will be moving to Oxford and Cambridge Universities in the United Kingdom (UK).

They both happen to be 18-year-olds who have earned a new milestone from their academic prowess after achieving a combined six As and one A at Mossbourne Community Academy.

The report sighted by indicates that Emmanuel Boakye will study at Oxford University, while his brother Ebenezer will study at Cambridge University.

The twin Ghanaian brothers, Emmanuel and Ebenezer Boakye reside in East London and were raised in a single-parent household in Hackney in the UK, the Ghanaian teenagers resolved to maximise opportunities offered to them to better their lives and make their mum proud.

In an interview with BBC, Emmanuel Boakye revealed expressed his delight at the academic success, implying that they were still digesting what they had accomplished.

”It’s not sunk in yet. We’ve always had people in our corner, our mom and the school, supporting and pushing us to do it,” Emmanuel said.

Emmanuel Boakye will attend Oxford University to study English Literature, while his brother Ebenezer will attend Cambridge University to study Spanish and Russian.

Emmanuel had intended to attend Cambridge University with his brother Ebenezer, but after attending an event hosted by the Africa Caribbean Society at Oxford University, he changed his mind, according to the BBC.

Despite the fact that they would be attending different institutions, Emmanuel stated that they will provide each other with support from their various colleges.

When speaking to the BBC, their mother, Victoria Genfi, could not contain her delight.

‘I can’t put into words how proud I am or how wonderful they are. We’ve come a long way, I believe that no matter what background you come from if you push your children and support them through everything, they can achieve anything,” Victoria Genfi said.

Ms Genfi, who works at JD Wetherspoon, said she planned to deliver home-cooked meals to her sons once a month, alternating between the universities.