Ghanaian writer, Uncle Ebo Whyte explains why men pay less attention to marriage than women do

Uncle Ebo Whyte, a Ghanaian playwright, author and motivational speaker has given an explanative reason to a question that has for many years been unanswered.

The question which reads, ”Why do men pay less attention to marriage than women do” was answered by Uncle Ebo Whyte on TV3 News Day during an interview with Berla Mundi.

In his assertion, Uncle Ebo Whyte claimed that hat men have no biological clocks and that influence their mindset towards marriage.

He added that most marriages that have taken place are because the women kept pushing.

Uncle Ebo Whyte in the interview monitored by reasoned that most marriages came about because ladies pressured their men one way or the other into marriage.

Uncle Ebo Whyte explained that men have no biological clock; hence, they are unbothered by how long it takes them to get married.

Let a girl turn 25 and above, even her church would be pressurizing her into marriage.

A lot of marriages come on because the woman asked the man what he is waiting for”, he said

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Earlier, Uncle Ebo Whyte revealed that no relationship is devoid of conditions. And once those conditions are not met, the relationship may not last and eventually come to an end.

Speaking as a guest on the TV3 NewDay show, Uncle Ebo Whyte said that people who say that love is unconditional are lying to themselves. Because everyone has expectations which they require that their partners fulfil.

“Love can never be unconditional. Unconditional love does not exist even with God. So if even with God, I have to know why God loves me, and I have to play up my role in being sincere in my worship of him, Why do you think I will love you when you don’t care?

And because of that, as soon a relationship goes from courting to marriage, one part is treated like dirt. Because you don’t realise that the reason you are in my life is that I have expectations.”

Uncle Ebo Whyte is the artistic director and lead writer at Roverman Productions and has written and directed over 45 plays for the stage since 2008