Gigi Bryant’s autopsy sketch: What we know so far

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The Gigi Bryant autopsy sketch has caused quite a stir since it was revealed.

During the preliminary hearing, Vanessa Bryant, Kobe Bryant’s widow, broke down in tears and told the courtroom that she accepts that appointees took pictures of Kobe’s cadaver two days after the mishap.

The pictures are part of the evidence in the wrongful death case.

The pictures are important because they help the jury connect with the image.

The drawings also prove that the deputy violated the deceased’s privacy.

An unknown user on the Reddit community Morbid Reality recently released an autopsy sketch of Kobe Bryant.

The sketch showed missing limbs and arms.

The sketch also shows a missing skull and teeth.

This sketch was quickly circulated on Twitter.

The sketch first appeared on Reddit’s Morbid Reality community.

Regardless of how accurate or depressing it may be, it’s still horrifying to see how horrific the accident was.

The shocking sketches of the Gigi Bryant autopsy report have been coursing throughout social media.

After the tragedy, the autopsy report of the basketball player was finally released.

Kobe Bryant’s fiancee’s daughter Gianna Maria-Onore was killed in the crash, as well as seven other people.

Gianna Bryant

The sketch depicts the ruthless nature of the accident.

The full autopsy sketch was published four months after the crash, and it showed that all nine of the passengers died from blunt trauma.

The Gigi Bryant autopsy sketch is a sketch of the body.

It shows how the s*x of the deceased had an impact on the autopsy.

The autopsy sketch was released publicly so that all can see the final result.

However, the sketch may not be what the autopsy team wanted.

Whether you agree or disagree with the sketch, you can’t deny that the sketch will remain a very powerful reminder of the tragedy.