Haley Alexis Pullos

Haley Alexis Pullos is an American actress who is quite popular for her role as Molly Lansing-Davis on the TV show General Hospital.

In addition to her acting work, Haley is also known for playing the role of Bella in the Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia.

Here are some important facts about the actress’s size and weight. And while we’re on the topic, we’re also going to talk about her favourite animal – cats!

Haley Alexis Pullos is an American actress

Born in 1998, Haley Alexis Pullos has been in various movies and TV shows. Her first film was Carney Tales. She has since made several other appearances in movies.

Currently, she is one of the most sought after actresses in Hollywood.

Despite a difficult childhood, Haley never let her interest in the entertainment industry get in the way of her professional life.

Here are some facts about Haley Alexis Pullos, her net worth, and her salary.

She is dating actor Jimmy Deshler

On the set of General Hospital, actress Haley Pullos is dating on-screen boyfriend Jimmy Deshler. The couple met and started dating on set.

Jimmy Deshler and Haley Pullos have been dating since May 24, 2020. Despite their on-screen romance, Haley Pullos is still very modest.

Her net worth is around $1 million, and she has primarily earned it from modelling jobs and acting jobs.

She has a slim physique

A skinny body is a good way to achieve the perfect bikini body, and that’s exactly what Haley Pullos has! The TV host and actress is known for her intense workouts and regular gym visits, but it’s also no secret that she enjoys a healthy diet as well.

With a fair complexion, plump lips, and long eyelashes, the television personality is also endearing and charming.

She is a cat-lover

Haley Pullos is known for her role as Molly Lansing on the ABC soap General Hospital. She recently opened up about growing up in front of the camera.

Despite her role on the show, Haley says that she’s a cat-lover.

In a recent interview, the multi-talented actress revealed that she loves cats. She even shared a photo of her cat, Chloe, with her fans.

Her zodiac sign is Cancer

The crab is the symbol of the fourth cardinal sign, Cancer.

Cancer is the cardinal water sign, ruled by the Moon. Women born under the sign of Cancer tend to be emotionally intense and creative.

They are intuitive and can see right through people.

While some Cancerians are cold and self-protective, they can shed their shells when they find someone who is on their wavelength.

A few notable examples of celebrities born under this sign include singers, musicians, and writers.

Her net worth

In addition to being a popular actor and singer, Regina King has also directed movies and won various awards.

Since her rise to fame in the television series 227, she has gone on to direct more than a dozen movies and won numerous accolades.

Recently, however, she was the subject of headline-making news, after her son committed suicide.

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