Chris Rock

We are all curious about what kind of plastic surgery stand-up comedian Chris Rock has undergone.

Is it just a facelift, or is he also sporting a nose job and breast augmentation?

There are many rumours about Chris Rock getting plastic surgery, but the truth is much more complicated than that.

It’s likely that Chris Rock has had some kind of cosmetic procedure at some point in his life. But if he did, then he hasn’t revealed his secrets to the public.

Chris Rock’s teeth are believable

In the late ’90s, Chris Rock finally got a set of straight teeth. His new teeth freed up the rest of his face. His eyes look around for approval and he nods his head enthusiastically after every joke.

But his new teeth are far from believable. Experts address this question. They point out that Chris Rock has a natural-looking, stretchy face and high cheekbones.

His lips are believable

The biggest question we’ve all asked about Chris Rock is whether or not his lips are believable. In his newest movie, “Chris Rock’s Big Mouth,” he’ll face off against Rosario Dawson.

This will be the first believable s*x scene in Rock’s career. But if he’s not being totally genuine, then it’s just a matter of Photoshop.

His nose is believable

Throughout the years, Chris Rock has had some plastic surgery done.

It isn’t clear how much he has changed in the past two decades, but if he had restorative rhinoplasty or Botox in the 1990s, his nose is likely wide and pointed at the tip.

This change is a classic sign of a nose job and has raised more rumours about Chris Rock’s plastic surgery.

He has had dental implants

The question of whether or not Chris Rock has undergone cosmetic surgery has generated many discussions over the past few months.

Many fans are confused about whether or not the two actors, who were previously married, are actually the same person.

There are a few reasons why the rumours of cosmetic procedures on Chris Rock and Will Smith are so widespread.

In one scenario, he has recently divorced his wife Malaak Compton-Rock, who has been his wife for over 15 years.

Another reason why he is a popular candidate for plastic surgery is that he has undergone several procedures.

He has had a nose corrective procedure

Several rumours have been floating around for quite some time about whether Chris Rock has undergone a plastic surgery procedure.

Initially, it was assumed that Chris Rock had a restorative rhinoplasty and/or Botox injections. His nose was quite wide and pointed, but the new nose is slimmer and has narrower nostrils.

Despite this change, Chris Rock has been able to retain his youthful appearance despite undergoing the procedure.

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