Derek Hough and Jenifer Lopez

There has been a lot of speculation about the relationship between Jenifer Lopez and Derek Hough.

The two have been inseparable for the past several years, and Lopez is furious with Hough for making a return to Dancing With the Stars.

However, the two are still friends, as Hough is not on the show. And while the couple is no longer dating, the two are still involved.

After a long absence from the show, Derek Hough returned as a judge on Dancing With the Stars. It is unclear when his reunion with Jennifer Lopez is planned.

Regardless, the news is likely to cause some controversy.

While Derek Hough may have an “in” with A-Rod, his relationship with Jennifer Lopez is far from over.

Derek Hough and Jenifer Lopez were the judges in NBC’s World Dance.

Derek Hough, Jennifer Lopez, and Jenna Dewan

He is also the partner of dancer Julianne Hough, and the two will be a part of the NBC family in December.

While Hough is known for his work on World of Dance, it is unlikely that the relationship with Jennifer Lopez will last.

Nonetheless, Derek Hough is a professional dancer.

He recently revealed that his World of Dance co-star Jennifer Lopez had given him some advice.

After all, the two worked together on the reality show and now have a legal team to help them settle the issues.

If you’ve been wondering if Derek Hough and Jennifer Lopez will work together, this might be the time to ask them.

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