Coach Boone, Gerry Bertier and Sunshine

Did you know that Gary Bertier was a high school football star? Then, you will be interested in his life and death.

He was in a car accident in 1981 and died as a result. He was only 29 years old.

Two NFL players attended his funeral: Herman Boone and Bill Yost. Both of them are remembered as dogged fighters who gave everything they had to achieve their dreams.

Gerry Bertier was a high school football player

After becoming disabled in an auto accident during the 1970s, Gerry was inspired to help other disabled individuals.

He became involved in promoting handicapped rights and made speeches about how to make buildings handicapped-friendly.

He also worked for a medical equipment company called Abbey Medical and attended wheelchair sporting events across the country.

His inspiring story of recovery and perseverance has inspired thousands to become active and get involved in sports.

He became a Paralympian after a car accident

Gerry Bertier was a star football player for T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria, Virginia.

He was the nephew of the late Howard Livingston. In 1971, Bertier was in a car accident and became paralyzed from the waist down.

Despite his accident, he continued playing football and eventually won a gold medal for his discus and shot put in the Paralympics.

After the accident, his family started the Gerry Bertier Foundation#42, which raises funds for research into spinal cord injuries.

He was a dogged fighter

Gary Bertier was an extraordinary athlete. Born in Alexandria, Virginia, he played high school football alongside his sister Becky Britt.

His parents divorced when he was eight, and his mother later married Robert Agnew. Gerry had two brothers and one sister.

While competing in the Olympics, he won the gold medal in the shot put. He died at age 27. A true American hero, Gerry inspired others to follow their dreams.

He was a ‘dogged fighter’

When you think of a ‘dogged fighter,’ the image of Gerry Bertier probably comes to mind. Apparently, the actor is based on an actual athlete of the same name.

Born in Alexandria City, Virginia, Bertier grew up with his sister Becky. When his parents divorced, Gerry was eight years old, and his mother later married Robert Agnew.

Despite the accident, Bertier was extremely determined to achieve his goal of winning an Olympic gold medal.

He was a leader

Before becoming a leader, Gary Bertier was an athlete. His passion for the game of basketball inspired him to become a professional athlete.

He represented the Golden Knights in the National Basketball Association for seven years.

He later went on to become a successful salesman for Abbey Medical, selling equipment for the disabled. He also attended wheelchair sports events nationally.

A true team player, Bertier was a natural leader. The story of his life is a testament to his drive and determination.

He was a dog

It’s hard to imagine that Gerry Bertier could have been a dog when he died. He was paralyzed from the waist down after a car accident just days before the championship game.

Yet that’s just what happened. The team’s beloved centre fielder never got to compete in the Olympics. The team was left in mourning.

The tragedy is particularly heartbreaking since Bertier was such a beloved member of their team.

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