How did Nobuyuki Idei die? Net Worth of ormer Sony Corporation chairman at death revealed

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Nobuyuki Idei, former chairman of the Sony Group, passed away at age 84 from liver failure.

His role at Sony was crucial to the transition from hardware to content, although he did not make the best use of his time as group CEO.

However, his legacy lives on and his net worth at death was estimated at $4 billion.

After his retirement, Idei continued to play a role in corporate Japan. He was a board member of several companies and served as an adviser to a number of companies.

He also founded a consulting company called Quantum Leaps to help companies reshape their strategies and develop the next generation of leaders.

Aside from his wife, Idei is survived by his daughter, Yuki.

Nobuyuki Idei became the company’s chief administrator in 2003 after Ohga resigned. He eventually assumed the title of bunch CEO.

Nobuyuki Idei

In 2006, he joined the top management of Accenture.

And on September 28, 2011, he became the CEO of Lenovo. Nobuyuki Idei Net Worth at Death: Former Sony Chairman Dies Aged 84

Despite the recent changes in the consumer electronics sector, Sony remains a consumer electronics company.

In fact, the PlayStation 2 may soon become an all-purpose computer for many people.

In addition, Idei’s efforts have re-committed the company to computing, and he is focusing on an array of devices that aren’t PCs.

Nobuyuki Idei’s legacy is far from over. He has a sister lab in Tokyo and a separate one in Silicon Valley.

Those three companies collectively are worth $60 billion.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Lab is another major concern and has grown to become a $60 billion company.