How did Rita Warintil aka Pulwadi die? What we know so far

We have no information about Rita Warintil’s death yet. Although the family has not confirmed Rita’s death, we can speculate about her cause of death.

The family has yet to announce the details of the funeral, so there is no official statement about Rita’s death.

Despite the lack of official information, we can speculate about Rita’s death, and her cause of death, which may not be anything at all.

It’s difficult to say how many people knew Rita Warintil. Her death has caused a tremendous amount of grief for the family.

It’s difficult to pinpoint just how much she had accomplished in her life, but the fact remains that her comical talent was second to none.

Rita Warintil aka Pulwadi – Who was she?

How did Rita Warintil aka Pulwadi die What we know so far

She was a well-known YouTuber, and her channel, Kontakan Rempong, has over 7 million subscribers.

Her death has left fans wondering if she was a martyr to Islam or a victim of political and social injustice.

As we mentioned before, Rita has a boyfriend named Cage, but he’s not with her anymore.

This makes Rita even more suspicious of him. Cage is a grunt who fails training repeatedly and suffers damage to his body parts.

When Rita finds him, she executes him on the spot, thus resetting the day. Vrataski is attracted to Rita, but he’s unsure whether he can love her or not.

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