Wolf Blitzer

Born Wolf Isaac Blitzer on March 22, 1948, Mr Blitzer is a very accomplished and experienced personality in the world of new anchoring.

Wolf Blitzer holds a bachelors degree in History from The State University of New York at Buffalo gained in 1970 and a Master of Arts in International Relations from the John Hopkins University of Advanced International Studies.

Blitzer began his career in journalism in 1971 at the Tel Aviv bureau of the Reuters news agency.

Wolf Blitzer has over the years gathered experiences in various capacities and on different platforms as a journalist.

In 1990, Blitzer joined CNN as a reporter and a news anchor.

In 2004, Wolf Blitzer was awarded the Journalist pillar of justice in 2003, the Chicago Press Veterans Association conferred on him the Daniel Pearl Award. Wolf has also won a Golden ACE and Emmy award.

Wolf Blitzer Net Worth

As of January 2022, Wolf Blitzer was estimated to be worth about $16 million and is estimated to have a yearly salary of about $3 million working for CNN.

Source: unitedshowbiz.com.gh

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