How Tall Is Ivana Alawi? Everything you need to know about the Filipino-Moroccan actress, model, and YouTuber

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Ivana Alawi’s full birth name is Mariam Al-Alawi. She was born on Christmas Eve. She is a successful model, social media influencer, and actress.

Her Instagram videos are popular, and she has an enormous following. She first gained attention through bikini modelling.

In addition, she is also an accomplished singer.

She has appeared in several music videos. We will take a look at her full name and other vital facts.

Her height

Ivana Alawi is a Filipino-Moroccan actress and model. She is also a YouTuber and founder of the skincare brand Ivana Skin.

Ivana Alawi’s height is a common question asked by fans. In this article, we will discuss her height, weight, and body measurements.

Below are some of the most important facts about Ivana Alawi’s height and body measurements.

Her weight

Ivana Alawi is a Filipino actress and model. She was born in the Philippines on December 25, 1996.

She has a height of 1.68 m and weighs 54 kg/119 pounds. She has black eyes and dark brown hair.

Her body measurements are impressive and she has the perfect curvy figure. You can find out more about her height and weight in the following lines.

Her age

Ivana Alawi is a Filipino-Moroccan actress. She is also a model and YouTuber, and she owns a skincare line, Ivana Skin. Here are the height, weight, and other details about Ivana Alawi.

While her height is unknown, she is 5 feet, and 6 inches tall.

This makes her slightly shorter than most people think.

She weighs approximately 70 pounds, which is a good amount for a woman of her height.

Her net worth

The Filipino singer and actress Ivana Alawi was born in the Philippines on 25 December 1996. She is best known for her role in the movie ‘Sitsit’ with Jake Cuenca.

Her height and net worth are not yet available online, but her estimated earnings are around $4 million USD.

In addition to her acting career, she is also involved in model collaborations and commercials. Her net worth is believed to be in the range of $4 million USD to $5 million USD.