Joel Schiffman is an American financier and entrepreneur and is considered an expert in the industry because he has been in the industry for a very long time.

He has made a good amount of money from his career to prove he is indeed good at what he does.

Born on 21st March 1958, there is little to no information about his childhood background or his parents but one thing that is known for sure is he graduated from the University of California in 1981 with a bachelor’s degree in Economics.

He later obtained a certificate in Investment Analysis from the University of Pennsylvania.

It’s believed he made most of his millions by working with renowned and popular firms such as Lord Arbett & Co., Reed, Connor Birdwell and Trail Ridge LLC.

In 1987, Joel Schiffman joined Kidder Peabody as the Senior Vice President until 1994. He later joined smith Barney as consulting director and in 2015, he became the Vice President and director for Janus Henderson investors in the U.S.

His professional life is publicly known when compared to his personal life since he lives a very private life.

Before Joel Schiffman met his recently divorced wife, Hoda Kotb, he had ended his previous marriage with another woman who he gives fewer details about but had been married to her between 2005-2007 and had a daughter with her named Kyle Schiffman.

He began a new relationship with American broadcaster Hoda Kotb after they met in summer 2013 at an event for Wall Street professionals where Hoda Kotb was expected to speak.

Joel Schiffman approached Hoda Kotb during the book signing and the two started dating shortly after then. They kept the relationship private until “The Daily Mail” published their photos in 2015.

The pair adopted a daughter in 2017 named Haley Joy Kotb since Hoda Kotb couldn’t give birth due to a breast cancer surgery she had in the past and adopted another daughter.

They even got engaged with hopes of tying the knot but unfortunately called off the engagement in 2019 after a six years relationship with the reason that they had both realized they are better off as friends and parents than being an engaged couple.

Joel Schiffman has never made his net worth publicly available but financial experts say he is estimated to be worth $20 million due to his professional career and the kind of lifestyle he portrays.


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