How wealthy is Virginia Roberts Giuffre? How much is Prince Andrew’s accuser worth?

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Virginia Louise Giuffre is an American-Australian campaigner who helps s*x trafficking victims.

Virginia Louise Giuffre is a well-known and public victim of convicted s!x offender Jeffrey Epstein’s s!x trafficking ring.

Victims Refuse Silence”, a non-profit located in the United States, was founded by Giuffre in 2015.

Many American and British journalists have interviewed her about her alleged experiences of being trafficked by Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre filed a lawsuit against Ghislaine Maxwell, a British socialite who was Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-lover and partner.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre claims in court documents that she was lured as a young “s!x slave” for Jeffrey Epstein by Ghislaine Maxwell, the daughter of millionaire Robert Maxwell.

Virginia Roberts claimed in 2019 that she had s!x with Prince Andrew in a restroom when she was 17 following a night in London when he reportedly plied her with alcohol.

The royal has categorically denied the allegations, describing them as “false” and “without substance.”

Virginia Roberts Giuffre, Prince Andrew’s accuser, was anticipated to be wealthy after pursuing justice, but she was only compensated with $500,000.

How Much Is Prince Andrew’s Accuser Worth?

Virginia Roberts Giuffre is estimated to have a net worth of $600,000 in 2021.