Hundreds throng TV3 premises to audition for Date Rush Season 6 [Photos + Video]

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  • Season 6 of Ghana’s most-watched television reality show labelled as Date Rush is set to kickstart.
  • Auditions for Date Rush Season 6 was announced and slated for 5th and 6th November 2021
  • The audition is a two-day active for applicants who go through the screening process before they are chosen to participate in the show.

On Friday, November 5, 2021, a number of young and energetic ladies and gents thronged the premises of TV3 in Kanda in Accra to be auditioned for Date Rush Season 6.

A video sighted by and shared on the handles of TV3 Ghana has hundreds of applicants waiting in excitement to have them selected to participate in the show.

Anita Akua-Akufo, the co-host of the show interviewed a few of the applicants who expressed their excitement in the next season of the show.

When asked individually why most of they have in them the zeal of participating in the show, answers were that they want to participate for fame and notability, to help them gain exposure for future endeavours, for true love and others

“I have been nervous since I came, I don’t know what is going on inside and I know I will get someone who will love me” – one beautiful lady said

Many did not believe the venue would be stormed by the masses.

I survey conducted by indicates most of the applicants were university students and graduates believed to be in the ages of 20 to 30

TV3 Date Rush is a television dating show meant to connect single ladies to single gentlemen in Ghana.

Viewers of the show were enthused by trends, moves, actions, gossips and virals from contestants which made the show the most-watched in Ghana.