”I cannot date a man without a car” – Shemima of Date Rush fame brags in a recent interview; says she prefers men between 40 to 90 years

It is however said that most women love men who have cars just the way they are attracted to men with strong muscles, healthy beards and a huge level of confidence.

Shemima, a popular date rush contestant has revealed one thing he expects a man to have before she enters into a relationship with any. The Date Rush’s season 5 contestant has disclosed that she can never date a man who has no car and that going out with a man without a car is a ‘no’ for her. Is that not weird?

Shemima made this shocking revelation in an interview granted her recently by SVTV Africa with DJ Nyaami.

To Shemima, dating a man from 40 to 90 years old was no problem as long as they both had their own automobiles. She said strongly.

Shemima added that she only has a preference for men in the age range she specified.

Shemima indicated that the most essential consideration for her was that the man in that age difference is capable of taking appropriate care of her.

Shemima disclosed that she does not plan to completely rely on a guy and that she expects the same from her boyfriend.

Shemima likes to drive, she is quite picky about her partner’s automobile ownership.

Shemima claimed that without a car, going about one’s everyday duties in contemporary Ghana is impossible.

She also remarked that, in her opinion, a guy should be allowed to buy a car for the lady he loves.

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According to Shemima, her guy promised her a car, and she said she would use it for Uber part-time to supplement her income if he gave her one.

Shemima reveals why he broke up with Ali

Earlier, reports about Ali and Shemima of TV3’s love-finding reality show, Date Rush ending their supposed intimate relationship went viral.

At the time, a lot of people asked questions about why the supposed lovers who looked very good together were deciding to go their separate ways but nothing concrete was provided as the reason.

We chanced on a video of Ali bitterly speaking about why he ended the relationship with Shemima.

In video, Ali claims that he ended the relationship because Shemima cheated on him with a sugar daddy with whom she spent a month when she travelled to Dubai.

He also revealed how much he loved Shemima but was able to do that to him.

Source: unitedshowbiz.com.gh