I want to join TV3 Date Rush but I can’t speak English – Beautiful Ghanaian lady says as she mocks her online

Stella Adomaa, a Ghanaian lady Adomaa has expressed her keen interest in participating in TV3 Date Rush

Stella Adomaa, a Facebook (now Meta) user has expressed her keen interest in participating in TV3 Date Rush.

The beautiful young lady has revealed that she isn’t fluent in the English language making it a hindrance being a contestant since the show uses English for communication.

Stella Adomaa made this revelation while commenting on an earlier post made by unitedshowbiz.com.gh that had a similar report on a Ghanaian woman suggesting to Giovani Caleb, the host of TV3 Date Rush to consider Twi (local dialect) as the language for the show.

The woman believed to be in her late 30’s or early 40’s who was heard wrongly for pronouncing Giovani’s name as ‘Jogbani’ revealed that most beautiful ladies cannot speak English.

The woman added that the usage of the English language in the running of the show makes it difficult for most ‘beautiful ladies’ to grab the concept and terminologies of the show.

Stella Adomaa however mocked herself in her comment to the similar report as she wrote, “I want to join date rush but I can’t speak English,” and added a laughing emoji.

Another Facebook user, Rongo Rongo who saw Stella’s comment was surprised to see her write in English but said she could not speak.

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Replying Stella’s comment, Rongo Rongo wrote, “but you can write shameless girl”

Stella Adomaa then replied Rongo Rongo with a laughing emoji as she mocked herself.

Since the first premiere, TV3 Date Rush has provided an opportunity for single men to get a date with single ladies.

The challenge is for the men who appear on the show to impress a panel of ten ladies with video presentations about them and some dancing moves. Ladies who are then interested keep their rushes (light buzzers) on and those who don’t turn off their rushes.

The gentleman finally decides on which of the ladies he wants to go out with.

Source: unitedshowbiz.com.gh