Ignatius Annor Biography; Education, Age, Hobbies, Occupation, and Beliefs
Ignatius Annor Biography; Education, Age, Hobbies, Occupation, and Beliefs

Ignatius Annor as people know is a Ghanaian and a former Metro TV (Metropolitan Entertainment Television is a Ghanaian free-to-air television channel.

It was launched in 1997 and it is the second-largest television network in the country) broadcast journalist, who now works with Euro News headquartered in Lyon, France.

He is a Former Senior Multimedia Journalist and Anchor at Africanews; a multilingual news media service, formerly headquartered in Pointe-Noire, Republic of the Congo. Budget concerns caused by the coronavirus forced the channel to permanently shift operations to a small newsroom at the headquarters of sister channel Euronews in Lyon, France.

Euronews in Lyon, France


Annor studied International Journalism at Swansea University and he is notably referred to as a ‘Universal Citizen’ by his friends and colleagues way back in school and to date.

His Personal Life

Originally from Ghana, Ignatius Annor came to Swansea in 2015 and pursued a degree in MA International Journalism.

He returned to Africa after graduation and is now a multi-media journalist and presenter for the pan African news media Africanews. Commenting on his time in Swansea, he says,

‘I completed my Master’s program in International Journalism from Swansea University. Overall, I enjoyed myself and every experience that came my way.

Tutors and other supporting staff were beyond helpful. It was certain that they were living their purpose by fully committing to what they have been gifted with.

The course exposed me to a new knowledge of what to expect in a global media house, something I have always aspired to do. It is no wonder that currently,

I work with Africanews, the first Pan African News Channel based in Pointe-Noire, Congo(Brazzaville) as a  Multimedia Journalist and Anchor.

I currently produce and host Sci Tech every Tuesday. I deal with everything concerning science, technology and digital innovation.

I work in a multicultural environment and the need to cooperate with others is crucial. Diligence, pro-activeness, creativity and a desire to push beyond boundaries – these qualities gained from Swansea University are valuable assets to my current employment. Thank you, Swansea!


Ignatius Annor is believed to be in his 30’s upon checks by unitedshowbiz.com.gh but as to the exact age, we cant tell.


His Marital Status is Unknown

Placed He Lived

  • Pointe-Noire, Congo (Moved in 2017)
  • Swansea, United Kingdom (Moved in 2015)
  • Stonebridge, London

His Hobbies

Ignatius Annor loves traveling, journaling, bowling, cooking, backpacking, and climbing during leisure time for pleasure.

Ignatius Annor


Ignatius Annor is believed to have started working with Euronews English in November 2020 after leaving Africanews in July 2020 as a broadcast journalist with these two international news agencies in the world.

Controversies on LGBT or He being a Gay

Ignatius Annor made the announcement in an interview with Joy News via Zoom on Monday, February, 22.

In the interview, he disclosed that the fear of losing his journalism career and the stigma around it were the reasons why he always denied it when confronted about his sexuality.

“This is going to be the very first time that I am using your medium to say that not only am I an activist for the rights of Africa’s sexual minorities, what you will call the LGBTQI community, but I am gay.

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“Obviously, I denied it because I was afraid of losing my job, I was working at an incredible Television station in Accra and also for the fear of what would happen to me personally,” Mr. Annor said on JoyNews via Zoom.

This comes after LGBT+ Rights Ghana both fundraised and built a new office, which serves as a crucial community center for queer Ghanaians, sparking outrage in the country.

But the National Coalition for Proper Human Sexual Rights and Family Values (NCPHSRFV), a coalition of various faith leaders and officials that once drew international outrage for running a camp that “treated for homosexuality” have called for its closure.

According to Mr. Annor, that would be a breach of their human rights. “It doesn’t feel like I am a human being who deserves the right to employment, the right to education, and normally the basic rights to be able to walk, drive around to wherever that I want to go to in Ghana as an openly gay man.

He doesn’t feel okay, it feels dehumanized and awful.”

He also recalls after returning to Ghana after studying for his Masters in the UK, to look for employment but none of the media houses were willing to hire him “just because of the stigma that surrounds my community”.

Source: unitedshowbiz.com.gh

Ignatius Annor: I denied being a Gay at Metro TV Out of Fear of Losing my job
Ignatius Annor

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