Ignatius Part II: Virgin Kobby of TV3 Date Rush Fame Turns Off Two Ladies Rushes; Ladies Attack Him For Shunning Them [Video]

TV3 Date Rush is one of the most watched television show in Ghana which telecast every Sunday the evenings.

Date Rush is a platform for all single ladies and gentlemen who are searching for love meet and are paired.

The TV3 date rush has generated a lot of controversies in the past episodes but another big controversy popped again.

Eugene aka Virgin Kobby repeated what Ignatius did in some previous episodes ago. He turned off the rushes of the ladies who were crushing on him.

Ignatius was heavily backlashed by the ladies on the show and on social media but he never pay attention to them.

Well he actually got married to a beautiful lady recently and the photos and videos from the wedding were flying all over social media.

In the same manner, Virgin Kobby who came looking for a suitable date in the evening turned out to rather cause a heartbreak to Joana and Cindy who kept their rushes on throughout.

As custom demands, he would ask the two ladies a question and from the answers they give.

He dances and turns off one rush and keep the other rush on for a date.

Virgin Kobby, who is a nurse at Ridge Hospital asked the two ladies a very sensitivity question in relation to inability to give birth in the future.

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If they got married and the problem persisted, what would be their reactions or solutions to the problem.

Cindy and Joana gave almost the same answer, saying they would rather pray to God to intervene since with Him all things are possible.

Virgin Kobby who was unsatisfied with their answers danced to turn off both ladies rushes as they were left shocked.

In reaction, the ladies said they feel disrespected by Kobby but he insisted their responds to his question was not good enough.

Meanwhile, Kobby admitted he was expecting Bella and Bibi to keep their rushes on because he had a crush on them.

Watch the video below

However, both ladies turn him down following what he did to Joana and Cindy on the show.

Source: unitedshowbiz.com.gh