“I’m Sorry for Insulting You” – Funny Face begs Ghana Police for Forgiveness

With his encounter with law enforcement officials which led him to use some harsh words in describing them, Actor Funny Face is out with an apology to the Ghana Police Service.

In a solemn remorseful mood, Funny Face asked the IGP and all service men to forgive him for his outburst weeks ago.

Taking you back memory lane, Funny Face had an encounter with Kasoa Divisional Police for firing a gun at a local eatery. He was subsequently arrested and prosecuted in court for his actions.

With a viral video, it was obvious the Police Officers used Force in arresting him, which was condemned by section of Ghanaians.

Funny Face accused the officers of assaulting him but none of that stopped them for processing him to court.

The court requested Funny Face to be kept at a psychiatric hospital for a while.

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The genesis of all these was the refusal of his baby Mama for him to get in touch with his children named Ella and Bella.

Now that all seem well between Funny Face and his Girlfriend Vanessa, he feels it’s only right to apologize for his actions.

Watch the video of his apology below


Source: unitedshowbiz.com.gh

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