Skillibeng & Lila Ike

For their latest collab, “Thy Can,” Skillibeng and Lila Ike fell off the visual. When he jumped on Lila Ike’s “Thy Will” remix, Eastsyde lyrical juggernaut Skillibeng proved that he has a lot to say on the subject of systemic oppression.

The official music video directed by Nickii Kane has now been released and should serve as an eye-opener for the nation, and more importantly, for the detrimental state in which Jamaica is right now.

With a big drug trade being carried out, the video begins. It is soon discovered that a passionate and ruthless pastor of a local church is the drug kingpin.

Kane leaves no stone unturned as she includes as confirmation of the reign of terror, which is still in place, a series of violent news headlines.

The mention of the gruesome daylight assassination of a bank manager as she sat in church is included in the clip. Thankfully, the suspected suspects of that incident have since been caught.

In the music video, as both Skillibeng and Lila Ike watch from inside the church, the police also arrest the bogus pastor.

Similar to the Black Lives Matter initiative, their call for justice and unification has them engaging in marches. Lila, Skilli, and their loyal supporters take to the streets armed with a megaphone and strong phrases like “Shake The Machine,”

By checking out the video below, demonstrate your support for the positive movement. It currently holds the number 11 position on the local trending list for Youtube.

In reggae/dancehall, both Skillibeng and Lila Ike are two of the freshest faces that make waves locally and overseas. Despite the pandemic that ravaged the entertainment industry, the two hitmakers had a fantastic year last year and are looking to replicate and expand on their success this year.

In December, Skillibeng, aka Mr. Universe, entered into a new Sony/ATV deal as he aims to further infiltrate overseas markets such as Europe and the United States.


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