Interview: I have regretted participating in TV3 Date Rush because of Ali – Shemima makes shocking revelation

Shemima, the lovely girlfriend of date rush contestant, Ali has expressed sorrow about her decision to participate in the match-making reality show, TV3 Date Rush in her search for true love.

Ali, who is a rising actor, has been receiving messages from a lot of ladies, according to Shemima, and this is badly hurting their relationship.

Shemima revealed in an interview with Fiifi Pratt on Accra’s Kingdom Plus 101.9 FM that she is presently having difficulties with Ali, and that they must resolve them in order to restart their relationship.

Shemima made it known that she has regretted participating in TV3 Date Rush and that she is losing interest in Ali.

Shemima stressed, going to Date Rush was a big mistake because she is gradually losing interest in Ali.

“I have not left him but we have been fighting… at this point, I have regretted going on Date Rush because there are too many women around him (Ali). A lot of the ladies are praying our relationship doesn’t work,” she said.

The duo met on Date Rush after the 26-year-old curvaceous young woman, who broke the internet with her appearance on TV3’s love reality show, chose Ali as her date in the hopes of forming a relationship.

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Earlier, Ali professed his undying love for Shemima in a video sighted by and said he loved her so much that it could surpass the love he had for his own mother.

In the video, the duo was seen in what looked like a house as Ali was on his knees while holding Shemima’s arms.

“You know I love you. I love you so much. Like this love is unconditional love. The love is special…I can even love you than my mother…of cause, it is obvious I love you than my mother”, Ali was heard saying in the video.

Shemima who was not sure of Ali’s words asked if he was indeed going to love her more than his mother.

After getting affirmation from Ali, Shemima could be seen leaping with joy as she held on to Ali’s hands.