Beena Antony

Actress Beena Antony was hospitalized recently due to covid-19, which is a respiratory virus.

She had been suffering from pneumonia since the beginning of the year, and her husband, Ashwin Chandrasekhar, posted a video of his wife’s condition on social media.

Actress Beena Antony was diagnosed with the virus on July 19, and her antigen and RT-PCR test were both negative.

Thankfully, she is still alive, but it is a tough situation to deal with.

Beena Antony’s condition quickly worsened, and she was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Her husband, actor Manoj Kumar, shared a video showing her recovery.

It was tearful, but Manoj was adamant that his beloved actress was in no danger of death.

Beena Antony

Beena Antony, who starred in the critically ill “Blindspot” movie, is currently recovering at a private hospital.

Despite being in her early twenties, Beena Antony is still a popular name in the film and television industry.

Her latest movie, CR NO: 89, was released just last year. If you’re looking for Beena Antony’s death, the answer is no.

She was born in 1972, and her parents are Antony and Soshamma. Her acting career started with the 1991 film Godfather.

Since then, she’s mostly been a supporting character.

Beena Antony’s height and age are unknown. Both women had a long career in the Malayalam film industry.

Beena Antony married TV artist Manoj Nair on April 24, 2003.

They have a son named Aaromal Nair.

He was recently diagnosed with cancer. Despite these health conditions, Beena Antony is alive and well.

The actress is a popular Malayalam actress. She has appeared in many TV serials and movies since 1991.

She is well-known for her enchanting and natural performances in negative roles.

She has also acted in a remake of the Ente Manasa Puthri, where she plays the villainous sister-in-law of a wealthy prince.

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