Is Jake Schindler From the EPT Monte Carlo SHR Banned?

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Recently, two of the most notable players of the EPT Monte Carlo SHR tournament were banned from the event.

Ali Imsirovic and Jake Schindler were accused of cheating on the site by numerous high-profile names.

Their actions were corroborated by many other players, including Daniel Negreanu, Justin Bonomo, and Matt Berkey.

The hand Schindler lost to his opponent was an ace-queen.

While Mulder ended up with the best ace-king pair at the final table, Schindler led with four million chips as he went into dinner break.

Vogelsang was next with 1.5 million chips. After the dinner break, Schindler took his prize money and left the table.

There are some who have said that the player was banned because he used the name “Ja” on his bio.

Bonomo has been clear about the situation and has defended the player’s integrity.

Moreover, he clarified that the player has “a small but growing community of high-level players” online.

In addition, Bert Stevens and Chris Kruk tweeted about the situation in the high-stakes online poker community.