Is Nick Sahoyah the biological son of Jinkx Monsoon or he was adopted?

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Nick Sahoyah is a popular figure in the entertainment industry.

He began performing while in high school. He has been a part of various shows including Issaquah Village Theater and Bumbershoot.

His stage presence has taken him to Seattle where he has performed at the Laff-Gap, Bumbershoot and Folks’ Republic of Komedy.

Nick Sahoyah’s enigmatic charm has also led many people to believe that he is his own biological son.

Although Jinkx Monsoon and Nick Sahoyah are not related by blood, they have been collaborating on webisodes.

While the latter performed as “Kitty Witless” in the movie “Waxie Moon in Fallen Jewel” in 2011, Nick Sahoyah was born 29 years ago.

The two have since shared a great deal on social media.