Niko Pandetta

Italian police are investigating allegations of drug pushing and dodging jail in the rapper’s recent arrest in Milan.

Niko Pandetta, the nephew of Catania mob boss Turi Cappello, has been on the run for several days, but police were able to track him down in his house in Quarto Oggiaro.

Niko Pandetta sentence

Italian rapper Niko Pandetta has been sentenced to four years in prison for his involvement in the drug trade. He had appealed the sentence and the Supreme Court of Cassation rejected his appeal last month, making the sentence-final and definitive.

The rapper had been convicted of drug trafficking and was arrested in Milan. He later posted a final video to the TikTok app, before losing his track.

Niko Pandetta was sentenced to four years in prison after being charged with drug pushing and dodging jail. The rapper pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute controlled substances, but his plea was limited to c*****e.

The charge carries a mandatory minimum of five years, and federal sentencing guidelines recommend two more years. Maxwell’s plea saves him from a possible life sentence.

His attorneys did not immediately respond to messages seeking comment. He and his co-defendants were accused of conspiring to distribute more than one hundred kilograms of h****n. Two more codefendants are awaiting sentencing.

Niko Pandetta

Niko Pandetta’s career

Rapper Niko Pandetta has a varied career, with several bands and music projects under his belt. He’s also been married several times and has children with a variety of women.

His songs promote mafia values

Rapper Niko Pandetta is arrested on drug-related charges in Italy. The Italian rapper, who has two gold records under his belt, is a member of a criminal organization that has been linked to drug trafficking in the city.

His arrest is a result of his recent conviction and recent fleeing from the custody of the police. He was caught in the Quarto Oggiaro neighbourhood in Milan.

The arrests come from an investigation into gang-related shootings and drug trafficking. Several of the suspects belong to the GS9 gang based in East Flatbush, Brooklyn.

Some of them perform together under GS9 and have a YouTube channel promoting the gang’s drug dealing and murder glories.

His arrest in Milan

Rapper Niko Pandetta has been arrested in Milan, Italy. The Italian police say that they have a warrant for his arrest. The arrest took place on the night of September 25.

Police say that Pandetta had been staying in a bed-and-breakfast in the town of Bovisa, where he was staying. He left the accommodation with two other men. A third person was waiting for him when he arrived in the car.

The Italian rapper faces multiple charges after being arrested on drug trafficking charges. He was previously sentenced to four years in jail for drug trafficking but appealed the verdict.

Niko Pandetta

Last month, the Supreme Court of Cassation rejected his appeal and made the sentence permanent. He had last posted a video on TikTok before he was arrested.

His sentence

Rapper Niko Pandetta is serving a four-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to drug trafficking. He was arrested last month and has appealed the ruling, but the Supreme Court of Cassation has rejected his appeal and confirmed his four-year sentence.

While Niko had fled Italy to avoid the drug charge, the organized crime unit of Milan found him in the Quarto Oggiaro neighbourhood. He now faces multiple charges.

The drug charge against Niko was for conspiracy to distribute narcotics. It is a federal crime, carrying a mandatory minimum sentence of five years. If found guilty of all the charges, he could have been sentenced to life in prison.

His attorneys did not immediately respond to messages seeking comment.