Will Young

After a tabloid newspaper planned to come out about it, Will Young publicly stated that he had never hidden his s****l orientation and publicly came out as g*y

The music superstar has been involved in several relationships and is single now.

In 2002, he dated Aaron but broke up with him because of fame and the tabloids.

In 2010, he dated Connor, but the relationship failed to last and he too is single.

Will Young is also involved in the world of acting and recently signed a deal with gAID, a charity which focuses on preventing domestic violence in homosexual relationships.

In a recent interview with BBC2 Newsnight, Will Young revealed that his memoir To Be a G*y Man would be released by Virgin Books on 3 September 2020.

Young Will discusses his time as a g*y man and the time he was unable to speak out against Chris Moyles’s homophobic rant on BBC Radio 1 in 2009.

Another high-profile person who came out recently is R. Martin Chavez.

The former Goldman Sachs executive recently came out on the day he defended his doctoral dissertation.

A job with Goldman Sachs followed this. As the director of Dive In, Beale has been actively involved in promoting diversity and inclusion in the insurance industry.

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