Jacob Hopkins biography and net worth: All you need to know about the American actor

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Jacob Hopkins is a 19 years American actor.

Born on March 4, 2002, in San Francisco, United States, Jacob is known as the voice of Gumball in season 3 of ‘The Amazing World of Gumball film’.

Jacob Hopkins made his debut appearance in the movie industry at the age of 5 years when he appeared as Brian in the movie, ‘The Minis’.

During the shoot of season three of ‘The Amazing World of Gumball’, Jacob Hopkins was called upon to replace Logan Groove.

After shooting two seasons, thus, season three and season four of the film, Jacob Hopkins was also replaced as his voice had changed due to puberty changes in his body.

Jacob Hopkins is currently enrolled at John F. Kennedy High School in Los Angeles.

Aside from ‘The Amazing World of Gumball’, Jacob Hopkins has also appeared in hit movie productions like Supermoms, Missing at 17,

The Goldberg, About A boy, The History of Us, Jack’s Dad, and many others.

Jacob Hopkins

At 19 years, Jacob Hopkins has already proved himself to be a good actor and has already made it to the list of top movie actors in the American movie industry.              

Does Jacob Hopkins have kids and is he in any relationship?  

Jacob Hopkins has no children yet and has never been married but has a girlfriend who is also an actress called Merit Leighton.

Though there is no information on when the duo started dating, they have been together for a while.

Jacob Hopkins Net Worth

As of January 2022, Jacob Hopkins was estimated to have a total net worth of $2 million which was accumulated over the years working as an actor, which he started at a very young age.