Jazz Singer-Songwriter – Lady Blackbird

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If you’re a jazz fan, you’ve probably heard of Lady Blackbird. This LA-based singer and songwriter has been making music since she was 5 years old. Learn about her parents, her first album, and her career. You’ll be glad you did. Keep reading to find out more about Lady Blackbird and her music.

Marley Blackbird

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Lady Blackbird’s debut album

Lady Blackbird’s critically acclaimed debut album, Black Acid Soul, is now available in physical form. The album was recorded at the legendary Sunset Sound Studios with Grammy-nominated producer Chris Seefried. Released on CD and vinyl on January 28, 2022, the album has received widespread acclaim. Among the many songs on the album is the track ‘It’s Not That Easy’, which the singer performed on later…with Jools Holland.

Although Lady Blackbird’s debut album contains 11 tracks, the album is rich in musical tradition. Tracks such as ‘Nobody’s Sweetheart’ and ‘Fix It’ showcase Lady Blackbird’s deep voice and soulful vocals. ‘Beware the Stranger’ is a powerful cover version that channels her gospel funk roots.

Lady Blackbird’s parents

Lady Blackbird is an American singer who hails from Los Angeles. The album she recently released, Black Acid Soul, was her debut full-length album. The singer has been compared to a new breed of musical artists and has been named the best new voice of 2021. She has already won the hearts of millions of people around the world with her captivating voice. Despite this success, there’s still not a bio for Lady Blackbird on her official Wikipedia page.

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Her career

Lady Blackbird was born in Alabama, but she chose to use her stage name, Marley Munroe, when she was a child. Her musical training began with gospel and soul music. She loved singing religious songs as a child, and as she grew up, she became a singer-songwriter. After signing with Epic Records, she began releasing singles before releasing her first album. In addition to soul, she also dabbled in alt-rock and Balck Acid Soul.

In the UK, Lady Blackbird made her debut in the legendary 100 Club, where she enchanted the crowd with her powerful voice and charismatic style. She is described by critics as the ‘Grace Jones of jazz’ and has been praised by a wide range of audiences. Her discography has been a major success, earning Lady Blackbird millions of fans.

Her music

When it comes to the soul and jazz genres, Lady Blackbird excels. Her jazz background gives her a broad scope to handle different genres. Across eleven tracks, including seven cover versions, she finds the truth in each. On the evocative ‘Beware the Stranger’, she channels her gospel funk roots. This song has become an instant classic.

Lady Blackbird is a Los Angeles-based singer with a distinctive voice. Her music is rich and luxurious, and her voice has depth, meaning, and gravitas. Her influences range from Tina Turner to Billie Holliday. She has also incorporated jazz stylings and alt-pop into her music.