Julieta Vallina – Who is She and How Did She Die?

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Julieta Vallina is an actress who died in Buenos Aires at the age of 50, leaving behind a rich career in theatre, television, and film.

Several artists have paid tribute to the talented actress on social networks.

Her friend Florencia Peña, dedicated a meaningful message to her: “I have infinite sadness my Juli. It hurts my soul to know that we will no longer get on stage to do what we love: perform.

I’m going to miss you so much but I know you’re going to be close to all of us we love you so much. “

She worked on numerous fictions, including Santa Evita, Father Courage, and Survival Manual.

The Argentine Association of Actors released a statement to mourn Julieta Vallina’s loss but has not specified the cause of death.

Born in La Plata, Argentina, Vallina had a long career on stage and on television.

She was featured in Santa Evita, Loco por vos, According to Roxi, Stolen Lives, Father Courage, Your part of the deal, and The donor. Her talent and beauty made her a well-loved companion.

Julieta Vallina

Her acting skills made her a major reference in her generation.

In 2006, Julieta Vallina made her acting debut in the ”Custodiana” film by Rodrigo Moreno and her other movies are:

  • Cowboy by Juan Minujin 
  • The dead man tells his story by Fabián Forte
  • Terrified, by Demián Rugna
  • The flower, by Mariano Llinás
  • El Potro, the best of love by Lorena Muñoz

She travelled with a recognized acting capacity through alternative, commercial, or official theatre. She also used to participate in some research processes with different creators.

Julieta had a daughter with actor Guillermo Arengo.