Teephlow and Guru

Teephlow is rejoicing over how Kuami Eugene snubbed Guru after he ‘begged’ him for a collaboration.
According to Teephlow, it serves Guru right that Kuami Eugene snubbed him because he rebuffed him [Teephlow] of his glister some years back.

Teephlow claimed that Guru knifes him in the back when the Akaida dance flare up some years back .
Overjoyed Teephlow retweeted;

“With all those hits, you still robbed a brother of a simple chance to shine when the new Akaida dance wave came! You swore you never knew my song and even claimed you created the wave. Today you dey distraught over collabo. smh. Karma is indeed a crazy dog.

Phlowducatio 2 “.

Source: unitedshowbiz.com.gh

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