Kasoa: Nigerian Chief Blames Nigerians For Ascendancy In Crime

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The Chief of the Nigerian community in Kasoa, Mr. Kessington Oledo has said over 60% of criminal activities in the Central Region are instigated by Nigerians.

 Mr Kessington Oledo made this revelation during a dialogue talk on national security in Ghana.

Addressing the gathering at the dialogue meeting, Mr. Kessington said he has been contacted by the Ghana Police on several occasions on issues of crime that involved Nigerians.

“You see, this is a very delicate issue and like you said, references have been made to Nigerians particularly, which are very true because when you go to Kasoa, you see instances where; like I was with the chief of police at Millennium City and he told me:

‘Chief, you have to do something about this; every 10 reported cases at the police station is 6/10 of Nigerians’. You have six cases of Nigerians in every 10 cases reported at the police station; why is that so?” – he said.

He also alleged that officials from the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) have been collecting money from unqualified Nigerians, allowing them to enter the country freely.

According to him, most Nigerians living in Ghana came through illegal means.

“From my observation and analysis, I noticed that when you see people and notice that these people are unqualified to live in our society but you can’t take the opportunity [to deal with them] because you are making some corner money from it, then you are constituting a nuisance to the society yourself,” he added.

Kasoa has been in the bad books of the country in recent times.

Kasoa has become a flash point during elections and we witnessed a lot; gun-shot, killing and snatching ballot boxes in the 2020 elections.

In recent times, a number of murder cases have been recorded with the recent one being the killing of 10-year old Ishmael Mensah for money rituals.

The 10-year old boy was brutally murdered by two teenage boys, believed to be 16 and 17 years old age respectively.

The two boys are still in Police custody assisting in investigations.

Source: unitedshowbiz.com.gh