Keith Habersberger

Keith Habersberger is an American YouTube comedian who is originally from Tennessee, but he has spent a considerable amount of time in Chicago, honing his comedy skills.

Keith Habersberger studied acting at Illinois State University, where he earned a degree in the School of Theatre and Dance.

Despite his lean physique, you’ll still notice the muscle definition he possesses.

Keith Habersberger is an American comedian

If you’re a fan of funny videos, you’ve probably heard of Keith Habersberger. The multi-talented star rose to fame due to his spontaneous approach to his career.

His real life is full of a wide range of entertainment. Take a look at Keith Habersberger’s bio to learn more about this funny man.

He is a member of the musical comedy trio Lewberger

A three-man musical comedy trio based in Los Angeles, Lewberger is comprised of Keith Habersberger, Alex Lewis and Hughie Stone Fish.

The group has earned comparisons to the Lonely Island and Flight of the Conchords and has garnered over 25 million views on YouTube.

In addition to their success on the internet, the group recently appeared on NBC’s Bring the Funny.

The group started writing comedy songs together five years ago and has since performed at numerous events and comedy theatres in Los Angeles and across the country.

He is married to Becky Habersberger

The internet loves to see the happy faces of celebrities and Keith Habersberger is no exception.

The popular YouTube personality and Video Producer is married to a Makeup Artist named Becky Habersberger.

She has been featured in Keith’s Food Videos and even made an appearance on a recent episode of ‘The Try Guys’.

Becky is a clean beauty advocate and has worked for several brands.

He has a lean body structure

Comedian Keith Habersberger is a very tall man with a lean body structure.

His height of six feet four inches makes him an enticing figure. While he’s not the tallest guy in Hollywood, his body structure is quite appealing.

Moreover, his wife, Becky, is a make-up artist who posts her creations on social media. The couple is very supportive of each other, and Keith’s social media profiles are filled with pictures of them.

There is no information available about Habersberger’s weight, but fans are sure to enjoy this fact.

He eats a lot of food

Comedian Keith Habersberger, who has won multiple awards, is also a big fan of eating.

He reportedly eats a spoonful of brown rice with veggies every day. He also enjoys buffalo cauliflower and avocado, risotto with kale, fettuccine with mushrooms and rigatoni, and “nice, fresh chilli.”

He is an ally of various altruistic associations

Comedian Keith Habersberger is an American, best known for his series ‘The Try Guys’ on Buzzfeed.

He is also an ally of the Black Lives Matter movement and has encouraged his fans to donate to various foundations. The best thing about Keith is that he is always down to make the audience laugh.

In fact, he has a Facebook page dedicated to the cause, with over 2 million followers.

He has a big mouth

A man with a big mouth, a white t-shirt, and a French horn? You’ve probably seen this guy before. The self-proclaimed “Best” is tall and stands six feet, five inches, and wears a black necktie.

He plays in a musical comedy group called Lewberger and is known for his colourful personality and big mouth. In fact, when he smiles, he literally says “Keith,” rather than “Cheese.”

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