‘Kick Lovia Out’ – TV3 Date Rush viewers descend on contestant over bad English as they ask organiser’s for her exit

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Date Rush Season 6 has been launched and the reality show has entered into its second episode.

Lovia, a popular date rush contestant who made an appearance in the sixth season of Ghana’s most-watched reality show has got many talking about her.

Lovia has been tagged by viewers of the show as a joker and unserious person after she intentionally spoke bad English language for clout.

Her offensive and scripted ‘broken English’ has gotten fans pissed watching the show.

It seems this is so because, every year, the show’s producers come up with a character who is so out of place and controversial that they drive a lot of the conversation.

On the flip side, Lovia’s bad English has become a point of concern not only to host Giovani Caleb who had a hard time trying to understand her but also to the audience who felt the quality of the show was dwindling.

Many viewers of the reality show referred to Lovia’s conduct on that show as scripted and tagged her as a ‘fake’ contestant who is up on the stage for fame and not true love.

Also, viewers of the show have called on the host, Giovani Caleb and the organisers to sack Lovia from the show.

They did reveal that Lovia’ fake and bad English is making it annoying to watch and they believe that if this should continue, it might affect the number of people watching the show.

This year’s Daterush is getting interesting as some participants have drafted strategies to be able to pull through and enjoy the fame and attention that comes with it but some Ghanaians are not enjoying this lady called Lovia.

Source: unitedshowbiz.com.gh