Konshens joins Gentleman and Jugglerz On The Feel-Good Dancehall Joint ‘Change Of Thoughts’

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Konshens, Gentleman, and Jugglerz join forces to provide us with a visual feel-good dancehall. The Europe-based Jugglerz sonic system has produced a new video with the track ‘Change of Thoughts’ by Gentleman and Konshens. The title of the track shows the strong message that men give.

Their lyrics speak of mutual loyalty and loyalty. The gentlemen ask you, if those are not your central thoughts, to make a ‘change of thoughts.’

Preaching unification, both Konshens and Gentleman have together on a track that seems to be a winner we will be watching to see how it fares on the charts.

Although it was just released, it has already started racking up views, and the fans have commented on how much they love the video and the track.

Gentleman is an artist of German reggae who is not foreign to Jamaica and the culture of reggae. From the age of 18, he travelled to Jamaica.

Singer Richie Stephens also contributed to “Live Your Life” and Ky-Mani Marley’s “Conversations” and to other actions in Jamaica, including Sizzla, Christopher Martin, and Sean Paul, among others.

He also contributed to the conversations. For several years, Gentleman has had a strong influence both in Jamaica and internationally in the reggae community.

Konshens is best known by hits “Do Sum’n’ and ‘Bruck Off Yuh Back.’ For his contribution to Nipsey Hussle’s 2018 record “Victory Lap,” he recently received a platinum plaque. It is shown on the ‘Succa Proof’ track with J. Black.

Take a look and tell us what you think in the new YouTube video.

Source: unitedshowbiz.com.gh