Kuami Eugene’s real name isn’t Eugene Marfo but rather ‘Frank Kofi Boakye’ – Father reveals on Kofi TV

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A man by name, Mr. Kofi Boakye, who appears to be Kuami Eugene’s paternal father, gave an interview to Kofi Adoma of Kofi TV, and according to him, all of his blood pressure shot up because he hadn’t met the singer.

It is upsetting when I think about all this stuff and the hardships I go through only to see my son. I struggle from elevated blood pressure at the moment and I haven’t been able to see my son yet. I cry as I listen to his music on the radio.

Narration by Biological Dad

I traveled to Akwatia to do the Galamsey business for two years after he was born and that was it. He was taken away from me by his mother. Before today, I had never heard of my child again.

No means of communication existed during that time. There was no phone to contact his mother, so I waited for a while and came back. I met her family members when I came back, and they all refused knowledge of her whereabouts.’The actual name of Kuami Eugene, according to him, is not Eugene Marfo, but rather ‘Frank Kofi Boakye.’

Wikipaedia’s Short Write-up on Kuami Eugene

Eugene Kwame Marfo, who goes by the stage name Kuami Eugene is a Ghanaian highlife and afrobeat singer-songwriter. He is signed to Lynx Entertainment and is known for several songs, including “Angela”, “Wish Me Well”, “Ohemaa” and many others

Source: unitedshowbiz.com.gh