Kweku Chainzz (Living Legend): My Youtube Account with Close to 50,000 Subscribers was Terminated for Continuous Violations

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Kweku Chainzz, a Ghanaian video creator and social media sensation who makes funny voice-overs for videos that trend in Ghana has received how he lost his YouTube account.

According to him, he created a Youtube account sometime ago which amassed a subscriber count close to 50,000 after he gave the channel videos.

His videos were being watched by Ghanaians and people around the world as they find his content unique, funny and sense-making.

He revealed that he had someone responsible for the management of his YouTube channel or account.

Revealing the cause of Youtube terminating his account, Kweku Chainzz made it clear that Youtube sent an email in which they said they have found continuous violations of copyright and YouTube community guidelines.

‘I am a starter and I don’t know anything about Youtube’s terms and policy guidelines since I had someone managing my account’ – Kweku Chainz added.

Earlier emails from YouTube on copyright and policy violations were addressed by his account manager leading to a deliberate action by Youtube hence the termination.

Kweku Chianzz revealed all this in an interview with Rashad Emmanuel of Ghpage TV and monitored by when he was invited by the management of Ghpage Media for an interview about his private life and his video creation.

Kweku chainzz became popular in Ghana when the country went on a lockdown over the surge in cases of deadly COVID-19 las year April.

His videos are seen on social media with a watermark on them and happens to be the president of the 3befa Movement.

He is nicknamed the Living Legend a name he usually mentions in all his videos.

Kweku Chainzz is an amazing and sense-making guy who makes impact in the youth by teaching and giving them hope in the future through his videos.

Watch the Interview below:

He believes that it’s time for the youth to work hard and attain whatever they so-wish in a reputable and godly way without shortcut.