Kyere Omo: Ghanaian performer, Natty Lee records a song with Lhogy during a link up [Video]

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Ghanaian musician and performer, William Addy known by his stage name as Natty Lee has linked up with social media sensation, Lhogy.

In a new and viral video sighted by on the Instagram handle of Zion Felix, the duo is seen recording a song together in a luxurious car.

Natty Lee and Lhogy was heard singing happily to the song, “Kyere Omo”, terminology in the local Twi dialect which means “teach them”

In a red attire was Natty Lee and in a white top jersey was Lhogy, Ghana’s newest social media sensation who shot fame after his funny relationship talk videos went viral in August 2021 on Tik Tok and Facebook.

Lhogy is seen in the video with a white iPhone 12 Pro Max in his hands is heard saying that he will throw the iPhone away in Twi funnily.

Lhogy‘s rise to fame has amazed everyone including Ghanaian celebrities and social media users who took a seed out from his wise words which had relationship talks as the main message theme

He has since trended on social media as users keep watching his funny videos which crack ribs.

Earlier, it was reported that Natty Lee, a former member of the defunct Shatta Movement’s militant group has shared a video of a plush building and some cars belonging to him a year after his exit from SM camp.

It can be recalled that Shatta Wale disbanded the group sometimes because according to him, some members betrayed him.

The likes of Natty Lee, Captan, Addi Self, and Joint 77 were sacked as a result.

Captan is the only member who has been accepted back into the camp since the incident occurred.