Larissa and Son

Larrisa Yasmin, Davido’s alleged 4th baby mama, revealed the face of her son, Dawson, for the first time, and the internet reacted.

Larrisa posted a video on her YouTube page as sighted by about the struggles she encountered during her pregnancy, and it was the first time she revealed her son’s face in the video.

Fans who saw a baby’s picture were persuaded he is the Davido’s son as he is his father Hailey’s replica.

An Iamyovwi named fan took a note and said, “This is baby Davido… no need to argue.”

While Davido still has to publicly respond to the rumors about his father being the father of Larriza’s son, in an interchange with a supporter on Instagram some months ago, Larrisa revealed that she called her son ‘Dawson Noe.’


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