Lena Gieseke

Lena Gieseke is an artist and special effects technician hailing from Germany.

Gieseke is the ex-wife of director Tim Burton. She was Burton’s first and only wife.

Lena Gieseke and Tim Burton’s marriage lasted for 4 years, during which she appeared alongside the director on a couple of occasions, mostly on red carpets and premieres.

Their relationship however failed to get much attention.

This made people believe, that Bonham Carter was still Tim Burton’s wife. Contrary to those speculations, Lena Gieseke was the only wife of Tim Burton

Lena Gieseke was born on September 12, 1965, in Osnabruck, Germany, to German parents. She met director Burton during the shooting of Batman.

They married on February 24, 1989, while Tim Burton was completing post-production in England and divorced in 1991. Despite her appearances at the premieres, she hardly revealed her history to the public.

But, she has multiple degrees and works experiences up her sleeves.

Lena Gieseke is an ex-student of the California Institute of Arts, where she graduated in Fine Arts and Photography. After that, she went to Wimbledon College and then to Goldsmith College in London.

She also studied computer graphics at the University of Koblenz and Landau in Koblenz. Further obtained a Bachelor of Science and also a Masters in Fine Arts (3D Computer Animation) at the University of Georgia, in 2004.

In 2012, Lena Gieseke started her PhD degree at the University of Stuttgart and finished in 2018.

She held a scholarship for the Digital Media doctoral program between 2012 to 2015.

Lena Gieseke wrote her dissertation on control mechanisms for the procedural generation of visual pattern designs.

Upon graduation, she began working on several movies and television projects as a visual artist.

She also worked as a photographer and sculptor alongside. After interning as a 3D generalist, she began a professional career.

Lena Gieseke became a pipeline and scripting technical director of Scaline VFX, Germany till 2011.

She also became an application developer for Dassault systems 3DEXCITE in Munich, Germany. She joined Furtwangen University as a guest lecturer for three years.

Lena Gieseke later moved to San Jose, California where she was a research intern at Adobe.

Her collaboration with the American company led to the US Patent Interactive generation of procedural ornaments.

Lena Gieseke has 12 visual effects credits for “Clouds Over The Hills”, a Japanese war drama TV series.

In the NHK series, Gieseke was the pipeline director at Scanline VFX. She has filled similar positions in films like When Santa Fell To Earth (2011), Immortals (2011), Hotel Lux (2011), Vicky and The Treasure of The Gods (2011). In addition, she worked as a modeller for a 2009 science fiction movie, 2012, as a 3D artist for Berlin’36 (2009) and animation artist for Vicky The Viking (2009)

With her understanding of graphics and computers, Lena was able to put more life into one of history’s masterpieces, Picasso’s Guernica.

Her 3D rendering of the 1927 painting allows viewers to see the work from the most secret details.

What does Lena Gieseke do now?

Currently, Lena Gieseke lives in Potsdam, Germany with her recent works including Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance, where she provides her intuition as a project partner/manager and lead researcher.

Lena Gieseke Net Worth

She is having a net worth of about tens of millions of dollars or even hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions.

Lena Gieseke Husband

Her ex-husband, Tim Burton on the other hand moved on well.

He had a romance with Lisa Marie and then enjoyed a 13-year long relationship with British actress, Helena Bonham Carter.

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