Lesbianism Killed Ebony Reigns – Pope Skinny boldly reveals

Pope Skinny, a Ghanaian Hiplife musician, has sparked outrage on social media after making a shocking revelation about late Ghanaian Dancehall and Highlife singer Ebony Reigns’ death.

Ebony’s Car Accident

In a video, Pope Skinny said that Ebony Reigns was murdered by angry gods in the town of Amonokrom because she was a lesbian and had sex with her lesbian partner there.

The lady who died with her in that gory accident three years ago know as Franky Kuri, according to the talented lyricist who is actually based in the United States, was her lesbian partner.

Ebony and Franky Kuri
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The gods of Amonokrom dislike homosexuality, so it is an abomination for gays and lesbians to take their escapades there, according to Pope Skinny. As a result, the gods killed Ebony in an accident.

Watch the full video below:

Source: unitedshowbiz.com.gh

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