Lindsey Granger facts and biography: All you need to know about the American TV Star

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Lindsey Granger is a television star and show host, she has been a journalist for many magazines such as People, Time and Elle.

She covered price William and Kate’s royal wedding in London and now she is a successful TV star.

Profile Summary of Lindsey Granger 

  • Full Name: Lindsey Granger 
  • Date of Birth: 3 December 1987
  • Age: 34 years old
  • Profession: Journalist, TV Host, Reporter, Producer, and Writer
  • Height: 5 feet 6 inches 
  • Nationality: American
  • Source of Wealth: Journalism and Television
  • Salary: Not known
  • Net Worth: $1-2 Million

Who is Lindsey Granger?

Lindsey Granger is a Journalist and famous TV Show host living in New York City. Her source of income is the ongoing TV project called Daily Blast Live.

Her net worth is estimated at $10 Million. She shares her life with her husband and daughter. She previously worked as a writer and reporter for major titles in the United States and was an anchor for ‘The List.

Her current talk show is produced by Tegna and Sony Pictures.

Early life, Family, Ethnicity, Children

Lindsey Granger was born on the 3rd of December,1987 in the sign of Sagittarius. She has been raised in the United States by her mother, Elspeth March, and her father, Stewart Granger.

She is not an only child, growing up together with her sibling, Jamie Granger. Her two children’s names and ages are unknown. She is married to Kolyn. Lindsey spent her childhood in New York and she comes from a black heritage. 


Lindsey Granger has always been passionate about storytelling and writing. She followed a private school in the States. According to her Linkedin profile, Lindsey studied broadcast, telecommunications, and mass media sciences at Temple University in Philadelphia, where she obtained her graduation degree.

She followed a journalism program as well as the Foundation for International Education. 


Lindsey Granger started her career in a different field than Journalism. She initiated as a corporate marketing/advertiser for Merrill Lynch company in the United States.

She later became a Communications and public affairs associate. The company names for which she worked are RNN, NBC, as well as REVOLT MEDIA & TV.

Lindsey Granger

She covered different positions, such as media supervisor, reporter, or even a one-man band in her first journalistic gig. She is now a well-known host for the Daily Blas Live, a talk show where she debates cultural and social issues with her qualified guests.

With Lindsey’s previous hosting experience with PEOPLE, Time, and ELLE magazines, the American broadcaster has expanded her knowledge of politics, sports, and entertainment.

She covered the marriage of prince William and Kate in London. She is an important component of the National Association of Black Journalists and has even been awarded a scholarship from Temple University for improving women’s participation in broadcasting.

To this day she is considered one of the best television anchors and hosts in the United States. 

Personal Life

While Lindsey Granger’s private life isn’t very exposed, we know she is happily married to her husband named Kolyn Boyd and they live together in a beautiful New York apartment.

They also have two children together, however not disclose their names and birth. She is not known for other romantic relationships at the moment. Her religion appears to be Christianity

Social Media presence

Lindsey Granger uses social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. On the latest, she describes herself as a ‘Young Oprah’, Tv Host and World Traveler for her project ‘World of Travel Tv’.

Lindsey Granger shares stories of her baby children, sister, and brother. Family pictures and travel diaries are her priority and most used content, but she also promotes her career and journalistic activities. 

The income of the American Broadcaster is under investigation. However, the latest reviews estimate her net worth to be between $1 and $2 million.

Lindsey Granger

All her reviews come from her professional activities as a TV host in the United States for the Daily Blast Live for TEGNA since 2019.

She is also performing as the executive director for TEGAN’S Foundation for International Education in Denver, Colorado. 


Lindsey Granger is an American black broadcaster and TV host with immense success gained throughout her whole career. She picked the Daily Blast Live TV show produced by TENGA.

She is currently married with two children, living in New York City. Her net worth is $1-2 million but remains under supervision.

She contributes to the black female communities, encouraging young talents and paving the way for a new generation of TV producers and journalists.