LIVE: TV3 Date Rush Season 5 (Episode 1) – Watch Now

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TV3 Date Rush Season 5 Episode 1 Live .TV3 Date Rush returns to your screens once again this Sunday as season four ended with Fatima taking the whole space by storm with her lively vibes..

An all new season of Date Rush is here, tonight, TV3 Date Rush Season 5 Episode 1 will be airing live on your screens.

The last season of Date Rush Season 4 was all about men hunting for the women they love.

Well, guess what, in this season of Date Rush, the tables have turned as the women come in to pick a man of their choice. 

The management of TV3 announced the commencement of Date Rush Season 5 (Episode 1) this week and is scheduled to be live at 8:00 PM today.

You can watch the livestrean below;

Information gathered indicates that there will be 10 guys and 2 ladies on the show this time.