Love Island 2022 - Who Is Paige Thorne? Interesting facts about the Welsh paramedic

If you’ve been wondering who the Welsh native is on Love Island 2022, look no further.

You can learn more about Paige Thorne by reading on! This Welsh national works as a paramedic on the popular reality TV show, and has an active Instagram account.

She’s a very popular figure on the website, and many fans are curious to know more about her!

Paige Thorne is a paramedic

The stunning 24-year-old paramedic from Swansea is a fan favourite from the latest season of the Love Island show.

This season, she’s attempting to find Mr Right. Paige’s profile features many travel photos and videos from her trips around the world.

Paige Thorne has over 3.4K followers on Instagram and posts on the app roughly once a month.

She has recently been to Berlin, Ibiza, and Ecuador, and has posted about penguin and seal watching.

She’s a Welsh national

Love Island 2022 has a new recruit and she is ready to take the plunge into the villa. Paige Thorne is a paramedic who has made her TV debut in the hit reality show.

She is a Welsh national with a long resume in film and television. Despite her extensive experience in the entertainment industry.

Paige Thorne did not have any professional dancing experience before her casting. She enrolled in three dance classes a night after signing up for the show.

She’s a paramedic on Love Island 2022

Paige Thorne

Paige Thorne, the gorgeous and talented 24-year-old paramedic on Love Island 2022, recently announced her first name and a long-term career goal as a chef.

Paige, a Swansea native, is desperate to meet Mr. Right and hopes to impress celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

In fact, Paige is so keen on cooking that she posted a photo of herself cooking on Instagram and subsequently tipped fans to follow her.

She’s on Instagram

Love Island star Paige Thorne is an active user on Instagram. She has 3.4k followers and posts on the photo-sharing social network around once a month.

Paige has visited Berlin, Ibiza, and Ecuador. She has posted photos of wildlife, such as penguins and seals, and rainforests. Paige has posted a total of 16 posts on the Instagram website, and has only started following other users.

She’s on Facebook

If you are looking for Paige Thorne from Love Island 2023, then look no further! The vivacious reality TV star is now on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Moreover, you can also follow Paige on Instagram at @paigethornex, where she has over 4K followers!

This is the latest addition to the Love Island 2022 cast. Check out all of Paige’s social media accounts by clicking the links below!

She’s a paramedic

The beautiful Swansea-born paramedic is looking for Mr. Right to win her second stint on Love Island.

Her recent breakup has left her with an empty nest and she is desperate to find Mr. Right. Paige Thorne has been describing herself as a mummy power’.

But will she find her Mr Right? We’ll have to wait and see.

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