Magluv apologises to Emelia Brobbey and Becca for lying about them during a h*t fight with Michy

Self-acclaimed cousin and now the girlfriend of dancehall king, Shatta wale, Magdalene Love Nunoo aka Magluv has apologized to Emelia Brobbey and Becca over her defamatory statement made against them.

This follows as a retracting letter from Nicolas Soriyi, the lawyer of Emelia Brobbey and was served to Magluv to notify her to do the needful.

Magluv who was in a beef with baby mama of Shatta wale made shocking revelations about actress Emelia Brobbey that she once had a relationship with Shatta Wale.

According to the notice from lawyer Nicolas Soriyi, Magluv published some malicious publications against Emelia Brobbey which were consumed globally in both English and Twi languages.

Part of the letter stated, “You claim that at a round table discussion between you, our client and Shatta Michy in Kumasi, our client suggested other men to her.

That our client advised Shatta Michy not to “put all her egos in one basket” implying that Shatta Michy should not maintain one relationship.

You further stated that our client is shameless and “plays dirty” in her dealings. A claim which you at the time knew or ought to have known to be a complete falsehood and yet went ahead to publish same just to cause public disaffection for our client and to reduce her standing in the eyes of the public”.

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In a video sighted by on Magluv’s social media handles, she expressed her honest apology to all she lured into her mess and quest to underrate Michy.

Magluv however rendered her sincere apology to Emelia Brobbey, Becca and even Shatta Wale’s mother for acting childish with them.

“A few weeks ago in my quest to tell my truth after soo many years of silently taking the blame for situations I had no hands in. I unfortunately involved and offended a couple of people.

“So I would like to use this opportunity to render a heartfelt apology to Emelia Brobbey and Becca. I’m sincerely sorry for involving u in an issue that ordinarily u guys shouldn’t have been involved in.

I have soo much respect for u and the contributions you guys have made to the entertainment industry.” she said.