Meet Asuama Yeboah Atoapoma, the Youngest Chartered Accountant in Ghana who completed University of Ghana at age 19

Asuama Yeboah Atoapoma, a 19-year-old student of the University of Ghana (Ghana’s oldest and largest of the thirteen Ghanaian national public universities) who successfully graduated on Saturday, April 17, 2021, as a chartered accountant has gained the tag as Ghana’s Youngest Chartered Accountant.

Asuama passed his Chartered professional accountants’ examination in December 2020 and currently has a Chartered investment foundation certificate from CFA global after offering BSc. Administration.

He is a member or student of the Chartered Institute of Bankers Ghana since 2018 after attaining this feat when he was also a level 300 Finance and Economics students of University of Ghana (UG).

In a chat with, Asuama disclosed that, ‘He understands CFD’s (Contract for difference) and also became a successful entrepreneur at age 17.

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I have a diverse entrepreneurial investment portfolio notably includes owning a fast-food joint in the University of Ghana, a member of end the poverty now a movement, farming, OTA financial service, and others” – he added.

Many knew him growing up always wanting to be a chartered Accountant even though he didn’t know what it meant.