Meet the 5 lovely children of Leslie Phillips and how old they are now

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Leslie Philips was born on 20th April 1924, is a well-known English actor.

Leslie Philips has starred in comedies such as Carry-On, Carry-on Nurse, Casanova ’73, Chancer, and Empire of the Sun.

Leslie Philips also performed in films like Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone as a voice actor.

Leslie Phillips has a distinguished upper-class accent that is clearly identifiable. Leslie Phillips is also an author and a producer.

Leslie Phillips Children: Meet Claudia Phillips, Caroline Phillips, Daniel Phillips, Roger Phillips, And Andrew Phillips 

Caroline Phillips was born in 1949. Claudia Phillips is a 67-year-old woman who was born in 1951.

Andrew Phillips is a 64-year-old man who was born in 1954.

Roger Phillips is a 59-year-old man who was born in 1959.

Daniel Scoular is a 41-year-old man who was born in 1977. Leslie Phillips’ step-child with Angela Scoular, Daniel Scoular, reared her son as if he were his own.